What is a CNC touch probe? Are touch probes necessary for CNC?

A CNC touch probe is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine probing tool. It is used to find an object’s exact location on another object’s surface, and touch probes are also known as limit switches, snap switches, or proximity switches.

CNC machines in many industries produce parts with high accuracy and precision measurements. They can cut, drill, and mill different materials, such as metal and wood.

How CNC machine works

A CNC machine is programmed to follow instructions from computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) program that specifies what needs to be cut from the material being worked on.

A CNC touch probe is a sensing device that activates when it touches the surface of an object being worked on by the CNC machine.

Usually, it will activate either through an electrical signal or a spring mechanism, depending on its design. Its function is to send a signal to stop cutting once it has touched something so as not to cut past that point and into something else underneath or just so there’s no risk of it continuing to go past where you want it to stop cutting without any knowledge.

Touch probes are necessary for CNC.

  1. Touch probes can help ensure the tool is positioned correctly before starting a cut.
  2. It is essential to prevent errors and ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.
  3. Touch probes can be sued to check the depth of the cut as it is being made. It helps ensure that the amount is not too shallow or too deep.
  4. Touch probes can help verify the finished product’s accuracy. By checking the dimensions of the dead place, the touch probe can help to ensure that the tolerances are met and that the piece is within the specified tolerances.

Benefits of touch probes in CNC

There are many benefits of using touch probes in CNC machines, including:

  1. Increased accuracy- touch probes can help improve CNC machining operations’ accuracy by ensuring that the tool is always in contact with the workplace.
  2. Increased consistency- touch probes can help to improve the texture of CNC machining operations by ensuring that the tool is always in the same position relative to the workpiece.
  3. Increased productivity- touch probes can help to improve the productivity of CNC machining operations by allowing the machine to work faster and more efficiently.
  4. Reduced wear and tear- touch probes can help to reduce wear and tear on CNC machine tools by ensuring that the device is only in contact with the workpiece when necessary.
  5. Increased safety- touch probes can help to increase the security of CNC machining operations by preventing the tool from coming into contact with the operator.


CNC probe helps to keep the machine’s table saw in place. It also helps prevent accidental damage to components and tools.

It helps to make adjustments and see exactly where the machine is making contact with the cut material. It helps you prevent a mistake and gives you plenty of time to react to potential problems. So you can make the necessary adjustments to continue cutting safely.

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