Vertical Digital Scale Mill Quill DRO

Vertical Digital Scale Mill Quill DRO


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Maximum Measuring Range :0-100mm;0-4” / 0-150mm;0-6”/0-200mm;0-8”
Resolution 0.0005″/0.01mm
Accuracy ±0.0015″/0.04mm
Scale Type: Caliper
Scale Orientation: Vertical

What’s in the package-
Two mounting brackets are each located at either end of the scale.


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Mill quill DRO, the essential accessory allows you to easily and accurately measure your workpieces when you are doing milling machining, ensuring a precise result every time. With this dro quill kit, you’ll be able to achieve the level of accuracy you need to take your milling projects to the next level!


*Incremental capacitive system
* Glass scale
* Protection grade meets IP54
* 3V Lithium battery CR2032
* battery life > 1 year
* Data output: Micro-B USB

The mill quill axis DRO is used to measure your spindle travel. It is a high-precision instrument made of Digi-Matic scale units that can be installed on any surface, delivering precise linear measurement with the added benefits of LCD readout and output for recording data. So don’t let your next project become a mess- make sure to equip yourself with it!
The sliding LCD unit offers push-button control for in/mm conversion
Absolute zero setting
No rack, pinion, or glass scale. The digital scale is safely embedded in the hardened stainless steel blade
Two mounting brackets are each located at either end of the scale

Additional information

Weight N/A
Measuring length

0-100mm/0-4'', 0-150mm/0-6'', 0-200mm/0-8''



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