DRO System For Bridgeport Mills

DRO System For Bridgeport Mills


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This is a complete  2 or 3-axis DRO Kit, which consists of :

  • 2 or 3-axis LCD Digital Readout Display
  • Linear encoders in travels 12”x30”/12”x36”/12”x30”x16”/12”x36”x16” , please pick the right travels below
  • DRO user manual
  • DRO power cord (US, UK, AU, EU, we will ship the power cord according to your delivery to country)
  • DRO Supporting Arm
  • Linear encoder dust cover
  • Screws and brackets for linear encoder installation

WARRANTY: 2 calendar years after delivery.

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Bridgeport DRO is an essential add-on when you are running these classic manual Bridgeport Milling Machines, so we picked the best quality next-generation LCD A30 by Aikron as the Digital Readout Display

The Bridgeport DRO core features :

  • Multilingual.
  • Multiple background colors.
  • 7 inches true color LCD display with die-casting casing.
  • Preposition displaying reminding.
  • Built-in type operation manual.
  • 34-bit core chip 64M running memory, high integration.
  • Strong Anti-interference ability.
  • Display the tool’s current position and drawing preview.
  • Touch probe supported to measure the workpiece.


The Bridgeport DRO functions:

  1. Zeroing, Data Recovery
  2. Preset value
  3. Metric and Imperial switch
  4. Power-off memory
  5. Encoder selection(Linear or Rotary)
  6. Linear Compensation & Non-linear compensation
  7. Counting Direction Setting
  8. ABS/INC Coordinate
  9. 200 sets of SDM Coordinates
  10. REF function
  11. Centering / 1/2
  12. PLD
  13. PCD
  14. Smooth R
  15. Simple R
  16. Radius and Diameter Conversion
  17. Axis Summing
  18. Taper Measuring
  19. 16 Sets of Tool Offset
  20. Preposition Displaying Reminding.
  21. Feed Rate
  22. Linear Measuring Basing Rotary EncoderDistance to Go, Oscilloscope Function

IF YOU NEED OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS,e.g. RPM, RS232, Probe Measuring Module, please visit DRO and linear scales page to order one by one.

The linear scale core features:

  1. Linear scale by AIKRON is with 90°NSK brand five-bearing sliding structure. Silky smoothy movement throughout.
  2. Adopting aviation-grade aluminum, effectively avoid any scale bending.
  3. Full double sealing structure, swarf, and coolant proof.
  4. Medium size is an ideal choice for most normal applications.
LCD Digital Readout with linear scales and accessories on Bridgeport milling machine
LCD Digital Readout with linear scales and accessories on Bridgeport milling machine

The benefits of using the Aikron LCD DRO system on your Bridgeport mill!

Want an easy way to get accurate measurements? then you should definitely consider using an LCD digital readout. Here are just a few of the benefits of using this type of DRO:

  1. They’re extremely accurate.
  2. They’re very easy to use.
  3. They’re very affordable.
  4. They offer a wide range of features.
  5. They’re perfect for a wide range of functions.
  6. They can be a contribution of accuracy to your milling machines.

Additional information

Weight N/A

5μm, 1μm

Number of Axis

2 Axis X&Y, 3 Axis X&Y&Z


12''*30'' /320mm*770mm, 12''*30''*16'' /320mm*770mm*420mm, 12''*36'' /320mm*920mm, 12''*36''*16'' /320mm*920mm*420mm

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