APF 500 Power Feed for Milling Machine

APF 500 Power Feed for Milling Machine


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APF 500 Power Feed is a classic type of power feed used in many workshops to improve machining effiency.
Application: milling machine, drill machine
Max Torque: 155/cm-kg;135/in-lb
Max working speed: 210 R/ min
Power supply: 110V 50/60HZ

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APF-500X, X-Axis & Y-axis Power feed

APF 500 Power Feed Features :

Application: milling machine, drill machine
Max Torque: 155/cm-kg;135/in-lb
Max working speed: 210 R/ min
Power supply: 110V 50/60HZ


*There is no noise when switching directions in APF 500 Power Feed, and very labor-saving, and easy to operate.
*When fast escort, if the tool collision parts or about instantly reversed, with special patented safety devices, plastic gear transmission, and electronic components will not be damaged
*Fast escort button to switch on the handle design around, in line with a comfortable ergonomic operation quickly, with inching function in any feed rate, can easily reach the workpiece machining position.
*Left and right limit switches with patented, waterproof, anti-oil, dust protection cover, switch easily damaged
*Screw drive gear with the spiral bevel gear, high efficiency, low noise
*Speed adjustment efficiency is good, when the tool cutting work, escorting a small change in speed, accuracy is good and smooth cutting surface, low-speed escort, the machine will not shake
*Plastic gears and drive spindle motor gear ratio is infinite decimal, will not return home after two running gear, plastic gears longer life, the more the smaller gear sound.
*Using new patent Electron-Magnetic Clutch Devise for quiet operation and easy maintenance.
*Rapid Feed switch designed with the Direction Control Knob for easy and rapid operation.
*JOG Function working with any speed for operator easily find the machined point of the working piece.

Why do you need a power feed?

APF 500 Power Feed helps you work faster and more efficiently! This classic power feed is perfect for many workshops and can improve your machining efficiency in no time.
Designed for use in horizontal or vertical machining centers, the APF 500 can be used for feeding linear axes at a constant speed. It’s easy to set up and can be instantly connected to your machine, meaning there’s no need for a complicated installation.
The power feed also comes with an adjustable safety brake, which helps to prevent accidental movement of your workpiece. Plus, it has a dial control to enable you to easily adjust your feed speed while you work.
Whether you’re looking for a new power feed or need to replace an existing one, the APF 500 is a great choice for many machining projects.
Order yours today and you could be using it in your workshop in no time!

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APF 500 – X Axis, APF 500 – Y Axis



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