ALSGS AL-510S Power Feed For Milling Machines With Largest Torque

ALSGS AL-510S Power Feed For Milling Machines With Largest Torque


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*Power Feed is a very good add-on for milling machines to improve our machining efficiency, hence we stock the very good brand ALSGS power feed for our customers’ choice.*

  • The AL-510S Power Feed is with largest Torque – 650in-ib
  • Fits Most Knee Type Milling machines, Including Bridgeport Type Mills, and Some other Variations.
  • Variable Speed Control for Speed Adjustment On The Fly
  • Rapid Traverse Button
  • Includes Table Stops With Switch For Safety
  • Includes Everything Needed to mount on most of knee-type milling machines.
  • One-Year Warranty


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Power Feed for milling machine AL-510S series is a very good add-on to improve our machining efficiency.

AL-510S series power feed for milling machine is characterized by high power and bigger torque, in order to achieve a breakthrough in torque, its’ power motor and control system have adopted special models.

Voltage – 110V by default , 220V-240V optional
Power Cord – US cord; UK, EU, optional. We ship the correct cord according to your ship-to-country.
Max Torque650in-ib
Weight – 7.20 KGS

The differences between AL-510SX、AL-510SY、AL-510SZ?

The difference between AL-310S、AL-410S、AL-510S?
The number in the model represents the power, 310 is the smallest, 410 is slightly larger and 510 is the largest.

The difference between ALB-310SX、AL-310SX、AL-310SY?
The last letter of the model represents the different axes installed on the machine, the ALB is a horizontal type, it is suitable for most of the milling&drilling machines e.g. RongFu mill. While AL-310SX, AL-310SY are vertical types.

Are the installation dimensions of AL-310SX, AL-410SX, and ALSGS AL-510SX the same?
Yes, they have the same overall and installation dimensions.

WE ALSO STOCK ALSGS POWER FEED PARTS, LIKE CARBON BRUSH, MOTORS ETC… , Please get in touch for more information.

Additional information

Weight N/A

X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis (Bridgeport Mills Z axis ONLY)


110V,50/60Hz, 220V-240V,50/60Hz


AL-510SX, AL-510SY, AL-510SZ (Bridgeport Mills Z axis thread 3/4-16"), AL-510SZ (Bridgeport Mills Z axis thread M20X1.5)

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