Aikron A20 2-Axis Lathe Kit

Aikron A20 2-Axis Lathe Kit


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This listing is for complete lathe DRO kits, which include AKM medium-type linear encoders, with 2 axis digital readout consoles.

It comes with all installation parts, operation manuals, etc…

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The complete 2-axis digital readout system kit for lathes

Lathe DRO kit DRO A20 features:

  • Number of Axis:2 axis or 3 axis
  • Power Dissipation: 15W
  • Voltage Range: AC80V-260V / 50HZ-60HZ
  • Operating Keypad: Mechanical Keypad
  • Input Signal:5V TTL or 5V RS422
  • Input Frequency: ≤4MHZ
  • Resolution Supported For Linear Encoder: 0.1μm、0.2μm、0.5μm、1μm、2μm、2.5μm、5μm、10μm
  • Resolution Supported For Rotary Encoder: <1000000 PPR

The A20 digital readout consoles functions:

  • Value Zero/Value Recovery
  • Metric and Imperial Conversion
  • Coordinate Inputs
  • 1/2 Function
  • Absolute and Increment Coordinate Conversion
  • Full clear of 200 groups of SDM Auxiliary Coordinate
  • Power-off Memory Function
  • Sleep Function
  • REF Function
  • Linear Compensation
  • Non-Linear Function
  • 200 groups of SDM Auxiliary Coordinate
  • PLD Function
  • PCD Function
  • Smooth R Function
  • Simple R Function
  • Calculator Function
  • Digital Filtering Function
  • Diameter and Radius Conversion
  • Axis Summing Function
  • 200 sets of Tool Offsets
  • Taper Measuring Function
  • EDM Function

The AKM series linear encoders technical parameters:

  • Measuring Range:120mm-1100mm
  • Resolution: 5μm
  • Grating Pitch:20μm
  • Output Signal:5V TTL (by default) / 5V RS42
  • Cross Section:21.6mm*33.5mm
  • Accuracy:±5μm – ±10μm/M
  • Sealing Protection Class: IP54
  • Maximum Moving Speed:60M/Min
  • Reference Point: Every 50mm

Lathe DRO kit consists of a 2 axis LED DRO,2 pcs linear encoders


How to size a lathe to get its’ travels for linear encoders?

Carriage Travel

First, position your carriage towards the headstock until it ‘bumps up’ against the headstock, make a mark on the bed just to the left of the apron; Reposition the carriage all the way to the tailstock end; Measure between the previously made red mark and the edge of the carriage apron, this distance represents your total carriage travel. As in the case with most scales, we recommend allowing ~ 1/2 inch clearance on either end of the scale to arrive at your total required scale travel.

Cross Slide Travel

Move the cross slide to the full most forward position, Make a mark on the cross slide, next, make a corresponding mark on the saddle, opposite the mark on the cross slide, reposition the cross slide to the rear-most position; The distance between the marks represents the travel of your cross slide.

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