Aikron ATP100 3D Touch Probe

Aikron ATP100 3D Touch Probe


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AIKRON ATP100 3D Touch Probe Technical Parameters:

Connection:5mm diameters headset plug
Red Wire:5V-24V
White Wire: NPN Open
Black Wire:0V
LED Light:
-Green-IO output high-level signal
-Red-Touch occurs, IO output low-level signal
Unidirectional Repeatability:0.01mm
Ball diamater:2.0±0.003mm
Stylus Overtravel: XY±15°,Z+3mm
Wire length:2M


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AIKRON™ ATP100 3D Touch Measuring Probe.

Touch Probe ATP 100 by Aikron Technical parameters :

Connection: 5mm diameter headset plus.
Red wire:5-24V.
White wire: NPN open
Black Wire:0V
LED light: Green-IO output high-level signal
Red-touch occurs, IO output low-level signal
Unidirectional Repeatability:0.01mm
Ball Diamater:2.0±0.003mm
Stylus overtravel: XY±15°, Z+3mm
Wire length:2 meters

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Mechanical probe now upgraded.

Soldering a hardball to the end of a shaft is a common type of probe, this was ideal for measuring a whole range of flat faces, cylindrical or spherical surfaces. These probes were physically held against the workpiece with the position in space being read from a 3-axis digital readout (DRO) or, in more advanced systems, being logged into a computer by means of a footswitch or similar device. Measurements taken by this contact method were often unreliable as machines were moved by hand and each machine operator applied different amounts of pressure on the probe or adopted differing techniques for the measurement, with ATP100 touch probe, coordinates measurements become easier.

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