Aikron A10 mini LCD DRO

Aikron A10 mini LCD DRO


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Aikron mini LCD DROs, the brand-new small size LCD DRO on the market.

  • Languages available in English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Italian, Portuguese,Greek…; More to come!
  • 3.5 inches true color LCD display.
  • Preposition displaying reminding.
  • Built-in type operation manual.
  • Strong Anti-interference ability.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty.


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Mini digital readout A10 by Aikron is available on 1 axis,2 axis,3 axis.

  • Multiple background colors
  • Languages available in English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Italian, Portuguese, Greek…; More to come!
  • Power Dissipation: 15W
  • Voltage Range: AC80V-260V / 50HZ-60HZ
  • Operating Keypad: Mechanical Keypad
  • Input Signal:5V TTL or 5V RS422
  • Input Frequency: ≤4MHZ
  • Resolution Supported For Linear Encoder: 0.1μm、0.2μm、0.5μm、1μm、2μm、2.5μm、5μm、10μm
  • Resolution Supported For Rotary Encoder: <1000000 PPR

AIKRON Mini digital readout A10 FUNCTIONS:

  • Zeroing, Data Recovery
  • Preset value
  • Metric and Imperial switch
  • Power-off memory
  • Encoder selection(Linear or Rotary)
  • Linear Compensation & Non-linear compensation
  • Counting Direction Setting
  • ABS/INC Coordinate
  • 100 sets of SDM Coordinates
  • REF function
  • Centering / 1/2
  • PLD
  • PCD
  • Radius and Diameter Conversion
  • Axis Summing
  • Taper Measuring
  • Linear Measuring Basing Rotary Encoder
  • EDM Function (Optional, Pre-Order only)
  • RS232 Interface (Optional, Pre-Order only)
  • Rotation Speed Measuring (Optional, Pre-Order only)


We have a strong technical innovation and developing team supported by a group of well-experienced software and hardware engineers, all of our production staff possess years of experience in this field. This makes us continually provide always techniques advanced, durable products, and reliable solutions to our partners.
Currently, our company builds a thorough system of techniques innovation, parts supply chain, manufacturing, service, and quality control. We will always adhere to our company philosophy-basing on innovation, focusing on details, delivering reliability, servicing the clients.
We are not only the manufacturer of digital readout and linear scale systems but also a technology innovation-driven company including developing, designing, manufacturing and service together.

WHY A10 mini LCD DRO?

If you run a mini lathe, mini drilling milling machine you will face pain while selecting a proper position readout, because the normal DROs are way too Big, and it is so hard to you to install a linear encoder, A10 mini LCD DRO however is just the right mini digital readout that solves your problem, A10 simply wins customers’ good feedback from all over the world, as it gives convenience to machining, it is more readable than traditional LED DROs, it is very good while operating in the dark environment, and it can also be enabled to dark mode to protect machinist’s eyes. Get your A10 mini digital readout today.

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1 axis, 2 axis, 3 axis


Lathe, Milling Machine, E.D.M


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