How digital readout work?

In a digital age, we are surrounded day by day by technologies that sustain our lifestyle, and this is thanks to the incredible innovations and advances made by science in recent decades. Even when it comes to teaching and learning, technology has managed to insert itself in a very simple way. Thus, a large part of the world population currently spends reading in front of a screen: television, PC, mobile phone, etc., where the reading material is digital.

Digital media refers to any medium programmed in a machine-readable format and presented in a digital form interpretable by humans. These media can be combined with images, sounds, videos, animations, and texts, whose objective is to deliver information to those who observe it.

Digital reading: Digital reading is the process by which the subject extracts meaning from a text that is in a digital format using a device for that purpose. It is also known as online or connected reading.

Most researchers agree that the digital reading experience differs from reading printed material. 

Process of digital readout 

Reading is in the process of change. The tendency when analyzing reading was always to focus on what people read, on the content. However, it is crucial to understand how you read today with the rise of new technologies.

Digital reading is an invisible activity. The act of reading is closely associated with the printed book, and the activity of reading in front of a screen is hardly considered a reading action. In reality, reading on the different screens, they are exposed to every day is a cumulative activity. Those who have intensive reading habits in the printed format also have them in the digital format.

Benefits of digital reading

  • Portability. Digital reading can be done in various places and devices.
  • Night mode. Most night mode reading apps turn the black screen and white text, and eReaders have dim lighting, allowing you to read without disturbing each other at bedtime.
  • Flexibility. Some applications allow you to read aloud the text placed on them. Therefore, you can intersperse your reading with digital reading, which is performed by an application. The same situation occurs with audiobook copies, which allow you to listen to it when it is impossible to read quietly (for example, while driving).
  • Accessibility. They can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Multiple amounts of text can fit within a single phone, tablet, PC, or eReader. And they are always available.
  • It is friendly to the environment. No paper is used, which gives the environment a break. In addition, the texts can be updated automatically without having to buy another book (in the case of printed ones).
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