Download the file to upgrade your LCD DRO.

There is a guide on how to update the digital readout system, the upgrading file contains a word document and a video.
 Update date: July-24-2023
The Setps.
  1. Unzip the compressed file and storage the uncompressed file into the USB massive storage device.
  2. Open the DRO,and insert the USB massive storage device which storage the new software with into the port.
  3. Press the 5th and 6th button(F5 and F6) from left to right first and turn on the DRO.At this moment,the DRO will enter the system upgrading interface.If there is the information with Waiting for USB… This means the connection failed,please insert again or change another USB storage device.
  4. Once the connection is success,press the corresponding to choose the option
The Buttons.
  • F1:Press the first button from the left to right to upgrade all file including logo,font,software…
  • F2:Press the second button from the left to right to upgrade the system language,software.
  • F3:Press the third button from the left to right to upgrade the software.
  • F4:Press the fourth button from the left to right to upgrade the LOGO.
  • F5:Press the fifth button from the left to right to exit.

Once the upgrading completed,the DRO will restart automatically.


When the system version is V3.01,press F1 to upgrade the font and file.Once this upgrade is finished,enter the upgrading interface again,then press F3 to upgrade the software.
If there are messages on the screen like “Font Update Failed!”、“File copied Failed!”、“APP File Failed!”、“Logo file Failed!”.Please check whether the file in the USB is correct,then start again from the step 2.

Get the file here

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