What is multi-axis digital readout with touch-screen color LCD and its features?

A powerful microcontroller processes the knowledge transferred by transducers. Having a multi-axis digital readout with touch-screen color LCD that combines such advanced features to ease of use means considerably increasing the effectiveness of the machine tool. They are manufactured with the most advanced electronic technology currently available: low-voltage components (3.3 Volts), minimal consumption and a high degree of integration, allowing multiple and versatile performances. When the DRO is under Inch mode, the decimals are optional for 4 or 5, and users can set them according to their user habits. This DRO is commonly fitted to machines, especially for metalworking lathes, cylindrical grinders, milling machines, surface grinders, boring mills and other machine tools, allowing the operator to work faster and with greater accuracy.


It has the Acceptable resolution: 10um ,5um ,2um ,1um , 0.5um; Min resolution of digital display angle :0.0001/pulse, Linear Scale/Magnetic scale Interface: DB9(TTL/EIA-422-A)


Display screens have an excellent capacity to resist disturbance, durable keyboards, and are easy to change.


The digital readout display meter system has various intelligent functions: SDM 200 sets memory, power-off memory, circumference drilling, oblique line drilling, 1/2 centering, etc. Also, a calculator is provided for additional suitable usage.


It fits milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, lathes, profile projectors, video measuring machines, position monitoring, coordinate measurement, and mechanical control, as well as another area of linear scale, rotary encoder and magnetic scale.

Multi-axis digital readout, touch-screen color LCD, for absolute and incremental systems.

Multi-axis digital readout with touch-screen color LCD has the Compact-design, modern and functional digital readout, equipped with the new Absolute Warning System (AWS). This AWS constantly guarantees the correctness of the displayed positions and informs the operator of any malfunctioning. The user can continue machining or, based on the error message displayed, intervene to restore the system’s proper functioning. This digital readout provides absolute (SSI protocol) or incremental encoder input signals. The central aspect of the digital readout is a 5.7″ touch-screen color, LED-backlit, LCD TFT panel, which allows the displaying of up to 4 axes.

It has the connectivity method of USB, Touch Probe, CAN bus and serial RS-232 interfaces for external devices. It provides clear Resolutions up to 0.1 μm in the readout. It has a particular provision of Online HELP for the users. Graphic visualization of function execution gives you the best visual effect for your readouts. It has another specialty of the Diagnostic of readouts and encoders. You are reading coded reference indexes. This digital readout provides the absolute signals RS-422: Clock+, Clock-, Data+, Data-. This is the universal software for any machine tool; it updates through the serial port. 1000 memory blocks. Another advantage is the possibility of connection to a digital (up to 8 relay outputs) or analogue (constant surface speed) remote board. It has another Option called the flush-mounted version (on a panel)

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